Bonjour beautiful girls,
I’m doing a quick post, to say, I’m going to be gone for a couple days because I am going away to a friends house for a couple days, she lives a couple hours away and near the beach – so hopefully I’ll get some tanning action! I’m preying for good weather, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be hot!
I trust myself for this trip, I didn’t before, in fact I’ve been trying to come up with reasons why I shouldn’t go, but I’m going! So I’ll be back very soon.
Now don’t you go worrying your pretty selves, this girl is not a dieter, body image person or obsessive exerciser, she’s not bothered by those things – she wants junk food, she eats junk food. She’s a great role model for someone like me, because even though I can’t eat the same things she does, she helps me realize that that is what real people eat.
I might have a chance to jump on the blogs, since she’s lined up to play Basketball for the country, except she’s only fifteen, I will have some time to jump on the internet, and I’ll give the blogs a quick scan.
But, I will have facebook! So I’m not completely incommunicado!

Food wise, I was struggling, and it some ways I’m eating the same, but my body image is clearing up (yay) and I’m moving forward, it did have me in a headlock for about, a week and a half, but put myself on a restrictive mirror time amount. No more spending hours in front of it, obsessing.

While I’m gone, try to see the good things in life, laugh, because you all deserve it.
Try and be like the last guy in the cartoon, and make the most of every situation.

I love you all and I’ll be back very soon.


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12 responses to “BRB

  1. From Here to There. In Purple.

    Good luck, darling. Can't wait to hear about it!ENJOY yourself ❤ bec xo

  2. Eleanor

    Have a kick-ass time, beautiful!The best of luck, though I know you wont need it.I love you so very much, and I'll be thinking of you! I'm so glad you decided to go – being around people you love, especially positive influences, can be greatly beneficial. That, and the fact that it'll be RAD!Eleanor. xo

  3. Becca

    have fun beautiful! you will do amazing :] love you!

  4. ktbwood

    girlfriend have a GREAT time!! this is a huge wonderful step!

  5. babyvanilla

    Haha I love the little story, it's so cute!Have a great time, you deserved it :)And even if it's not hot, go to the beach. There will be hot boys (there's ALWAYS hot boys at the beach).xoxo

  6. Devan Geselle

    conga!!! have a wonderful time away my love. shall be thinking of you 🙂

  7. tatiannalives

    Have an amazing time =) Get some sunshine!!xoxTat

  8. Giovanna ♥

    Hope you have a wonderful time with your friend! Get some sun, feel the wind and search for little stones on the sand, I love doing that 😉 I'm so happy to hear you're feeling much better! Keep it up darling and enjoy your stay with your lovely friend!Oh I love this Conga drawing! It made me smile! :DPs: If you have a chance come and visit my blog 'cause I'm having a lovely giveaway! To participate, you just need to leave a comment :)Lots of love,Giovanna

  9. Laura: Learning to Love

    Have fun!!! And don't forget to challenge yourself! You're worth it.<3

  10. Jenna

    hey!i just came across your blog and i can't wait to keep reading!i would love it if you could check out my blog!jenna

  11. C'est la vie

    have a great trip katie!i love hanging out with people that aren't anxious around food too. seriously, makes me feel so much better.xo

  12. AVY

    I love that cartoon, so funny.

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