sweet sixteen

It’s my birthday!

This upcoming couple posts have me really excited!

Firstly, I have a new banner design on the way plus showing you guys some amazing talent….

And I’m going to do a self esteem post, where I’ll show how easy it is to photoshop photos, and I’m thinking a Q & A post…..

Sorry if I don’t comment on any posts today, I’m going to be busy, but I’m thinking of you all and I’m behind you always!

So, tell me,


…. oh and of course, 
guess who found her iPod?

 Thats right I did! Time to get my christmas freak on!

I must go and have my AM snack….

Love you all and happy holidays!!

xxx Katie xxx



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24 responses to “sweet sixteen

  1. Katie! happpy birthday my love! hope u have a great day! and can not wait for ur upcoming fab posts! 🙂 love u sooo much! hope ur day is as wonderful as you are and that would be a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very wonderful day because u are so AMAZING 🙂
    xoxooxoxooxox birthday kisses!!!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! AHH! sweet sixteen!! 🙂 love you SO much girly and i wish SO badly i could be in Australlia RIGHT NOW to give you the biggest b-day hug EVER! you are such an amazing girl, you have NO idea, and have come so far this past year of being 15, and i KNOW that your 16th year will be fabulous, just like you!
    you are gorgeous. love the photos, and haha photoshop ;P you are too cute.

    xx love you to bits!

  3. Vanilla

    Happy Sweet Sixteen!!!

    I wonder what I’ll do on mine…hum. I don’t have a Christmas/birthday tradition, I don’t celebrate them. Last year, my friend brought me a banana muffin and I was like ‘Why? Do you have a favor to ask?’ and she said ‘Hum, isn’t your birthday?’…and then I remembered my birthday. lol!

    Yay for your Ipod! I just talked to a girl who knew a girl who found a brand new Ipod…and kept it :s


    Sweet sixteen. 😀
    You deserve to have the most beautiful, love-happiness-and-laughter-filled of days, EVERYday, but especially today.
    Today is Katie’s day. Dedicated to you, sweetie. Do all the things you love, and enjoy every single minute.

    I love you riiiiight up the banana and back.
    I really, really do.

    Always and forever and especially today,
    Eleanor. xo

  5. merittothecarrot

    happy birthday katie 🙂

  6. Happy birthday!!! And Merry Christmas 🙂

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! this year will go by so fast, i know my sweet sixteen did! i hope you have a wonderful year and live life to the fullest!

    ♥ lindsey

  8. Happy Birthday Katie! haha wow, 16!

    my Christmas tradition is we always open our presents in the morning, then go to our Grandma’s for lunch and more presents, then to my aunts for dinner. (sooooo much FOOD)
    then for Boxing Day it’s off to my nan’s for another Christmas lunch and more presents.
    every single year it’s the same 🙂

  9. Becca

    you are beyond adorable. happy birthday darling girl! you deserve the world. so glad you found your ipod and you sound so giddy and happy :] love it! love you! have a wonderful christmas! ❤

    oh, and my favorite xmas tradition is seeing my dad. i'm jewish btw so xmas in general is a tradition for seeing my dad haha. haven't seen him since august so it should be interesting.

  10. KATIE!!
    happy birthday lovely!
    you have grown so much in the past year (i know i dont really know you but im betting you did!) i cant wait for you to experience another wonderful year of growing. enjoy yourself love!

  11. Happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love the pictures of you blowing out your party candle… Even more that the one of Mr. Hotness AKA Johnny Depp, and that’s really saying something!
    Maybe your ipod hid itself so when it would reappear on your b-day it would get your sweet sixteen off to an amazing start 😉 Hope today and every day that follows is filled with fabulousness.


    I would LOVE for you to do a post on photoshoping photos. I seriously need to know how to do that.
    My favourite holiday/christmas tradition.. is probably just spending time with family. Where you can be yourself!

  13. love you beauty queen!

  14. determinedtoshine


    you are so bloody adorable
    have a splendid day my lovely! enjoy EVERY moment of it. you only turn 16 once 😉

    love you like a mouse loves cheese ❤

    hannahbanana xo

  15. izzy

    Happy birthday darlin’!!! I hope it’s amazing and delicious ;D

    I’m really excited for your upcoming posts!! Esspecially the self-esteem one 🙂

    Have a fab day!

  16. Happy sweet 16th Beautiful girl! Yessss fro Johnny Depp, torn leggings and half braided hair. So excited for your future posts! Hope you have a wonderful day!!! Much love.
    Laci 😉

  17. Happy sweet sixteen sweetheart!!! Sorry I’ve been missing your lovely posts. I finally got to my destination, after missing my flight..Thank you so much for visiting me and for the lovely comment! I’m super excited to make your illustration!!!
    You look super cute on your photos!
    Lots of love,

  18. hope your birthday and christmas was amazing 🙂
    my fav tradition is to go out early christmas morning to feed my ponies christmas foood (apples, cooked oats e.ct) they love it and to collect fresh holly for the table xx

  19. Happy Birthday Sweetheart! 🙂

    I hope you were able to enjoy your special day (sorry for the belated comment :P)


  20. prettytimepiece

    katiekatie! in your ‘don’t you know who i am?” page, the first the essay of words in italics, did you WRITE all of that? if so ♥♥♥!!!!! seriously, that was the most inspiring thing i read all day.


  21. Rachel

    Happy belated birthday, sweetheart! I know, slow on my part…but love the new blog move (yay wordpress!) ❤

    Wishing you a happy new year (it's new year's eve!!!), love you so much, Katie girl! <333

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