What’s your most embarrassing story?
This was THE hardest question to answer, because I’m a pretty shameful person 😉 but it would have to be at Heathrow (sp?) airport. I didn’t want to go to the bathroom, so I slipped into a stall, armed with germ killer and lots of tissues, I saw that the water was a little high, so I though I might flush it, just to check it was okay, and I did, but… the water rose, almost coming over the side (don’t fear, I didn’t get ANY on me) and I ran out, silently, before I could say anything a woman pushed through and went into the cubicle, only to emerge later with a very sour look on her face.
I was like  ‘but I didn’t even go!’ I felt SO humiliated, this woman must have thought I was just a disgusting person, so I was forced to pee on the plane 😦 

If you could invite anyone to a dinner party, who would you invite, and why?
Who else? My blog girls, a dinner party for all my blogging girls, and not just the other bloggers, all my readers, how does that sound to you girls?

If you could go anywhere in 2010 where would it be?

Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
 River Phoenix.
Let’s stare for a little while 🙂 

If you could be any character from a book/movie/tv show, who would you be?
Cute book, a bit of romance and a bit of the beach, a bit sad too… 

Would you rather be a mermaid, princess or fairy?
Mermaid, I’m a disney girl from way back…

Do you have a favorite color?
Black, can’t go wrong with black 😉

what’s your usual starbucks order?
A Tall Starbucks Doubleshot on ice with soy milk.
 Enjoying a caramel latte 🙂

Have you ever been to america?
Well, I do live in Australia, but I’m an American citizen! Now there’s something you guys didn’t know! I’m American and my actual name is Katlyn (pronounced as you read, KAT-LYN) but I prefer Katie and I had to get a citizenship to live in Australia because I was born in Galveston, Texas. My Mum, Dad, older brother and I traveled around America for a long time, something to do with Dad’s job. Yes, I could come visit you girls any time I liked, for as long as I liked! Hmm, sounds like a plan.

Looking back, is there any good things that you’ve discovered about yourself since having anorexia??
Oh lots, I have determination that now I can put into other things in life, and through Anorexia I’ve met some great girls in IP and on the Blogs. It makes me so sad that all the sweet girls I know have to have this stupid disease, and we don’t want it and we didn’t ask for it!

Now I’ve received this award from a couple girls, so here tis’

  1.  Early mornings, very early, before the sun comes up, it makes me feel refreshed and healthy. I hate sleeping in, it makes me feel all crusty. I need the fresh morning air to fill my lungs, I need fresh air – it’s my addiction, it vitalizes me 🙂 If I’m cooped up, I’m in a bad news.
  2. The Beach, the freedom, I love the smell of the sand and the water around my ankles, just lying in the water and talking to my sister/brother or just digging in the sand. I’ve never been more relaxed. Maybe they should start an IP on the beach?
  3. Cold showers, I put on the heat lights in my bathroom so that I’m boiling then jump in a freezing shower, it’s almost refreshing as the morning air, crisp.
  4. Just sitting around retelling old stories with family and friends, I love just talking into the night, when you’re so tired you want to go to sleep, but you want to keep talking too!
  5. Camping (with a bathroom) last year I camped at this caving site and me and my friends snuck into the boys tents, then when we heard the teachers coming down, we ran back to our tent, only for one of the boys to follow, and the male teacher came to our tent and started talking about our plans for tomorrow and we had our friend under our sleeping bags, pinching him every time he talked 😉 don’t worry, there was no funny business…
  6. Shopping, can’t go wrong with a little retail therapy 🙂
  7. Trashy Magazines, I pretend it’s because I think they’re ridiculous but I’m actually an extremely curious person, curiosity killed the cat Kat-LYN.
  8. Blogging, no question bout it, you girls are my stars.
  9. Day Dreaming, adore day dreaming, it’s like escaping.
  10. Laughing until you have no breath, it’s my only form of exercise 😉

This week, pledge to me that you’re going to do something daring, lets get some endorphins into our little bodies 🙂


xxx Katie xxx



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16 responses to “Q&A

  1. Oh, Katie, you are such a beautiful soul!

    This made me smile so much! Your words never fail to inspire and uplift me. Thanks so much for sharing a little bit about yourself with us! That dinner party should be put in the books 😉 IN AMERICA.

    We all have so much to be happy for – let’s make a promise to ourselves to always find time to do the things we love. We deserve happiness.

    Eleanor. xo

  2. i love early morning, the beach and trashy magazines too 😉 i also love the last picture on your post!
    and river phoenix is very attract. but i haven’t seen him before ?! *shame*

  3. crazylittlethingneela

    good to hear from you my little sister. an yes get your bum bum over here asap!! i wanna cudle you 🙂
    oh and the morning thing?sorry babe but when you stay with me i’ll teach you how to love the night life and apprechaite the late mornings 😉
    xoxo loveu

  4. i’m a mermaid too! 😀
    ahh, i wish i could hang with you. every one of your posts brings out happiness within me.

  5. prettytimepiece

    oh marvelous post katie laura! (i love calling you katie laura 😀 hehe)

    & i was one of the ones who tagged you for the 10 happy things, guess you already figured that out 😉

    thanks for answering all those questions! so cool you are also an american citizen. i’d love to visit australia one day. i had this awesome math teacher in high school (& i HATE math) who was australian. sometimes we’d have spontaneous tea and scone parties in the classroom, hehehehe. he was sooo cool.

    love to you. ♥


  6. aww i love all of those 10 thigns!
    you are like a breath of fresh air 🙂

  7. It’s summer in Australia so I’d be totally down for coming to a dinner party there! Could it be on the beach? With mermaids? And could River Phoenix miraculously arrive in the middle of it on a motorcycle? Actually I don’t know if the sand would shut off the engine or something… Love how I’m totally taking this scenario seriously. 😉
    I feel the same way about YOU. Your sweetness shines through every one of your post, and it makes me so sad to think of you struggling with something as awful as ED.


  8. determinedtoshine

    I loved your Q&A post! Thats so cool that you are an American citizen and travelled when you were younger. I love travelling 🙂

    And I’m well up for this challenge missy! Let us know how you get that adrenelin pumping through your veins 😉

    Lots of looove ❤

    ps. disney is my life. fave disney character?

  9. i absolutely loved your Q&A!
    Yours such a funny and sweet girl 🙂

    I’v had that same thing happen to me at Heathrow Airport! maybe it the toilets hahah.


  10. I love this post! What a great format and idea 🙂

  11. Loved this post hun! I loved learning some stuff about you. 🙂
    And for the record, that boy is FINE!

  12. izzy

    ooh i lalalovee river phoenix!! i share a birthday with him 🙂

    reading your list made me happy 🙂


  13. Oh wow, I had no idea that you’re an American citizen, that’s pretty cool! And Texas too…that’s the one state that I’m dying to visit! xxx

  14. Becca

    omg PLEASE come to america! I would love to meet up for lattes at starbucks in nyc :] you are so adorable katie this whole post was amazing. and loved your caption under river–not gonne lie, i stared for about 5 minutes :]
    love you!

  15. katie,
    that was such a honest, sweet, cute post! That story on the plane haha, I’ve done worse! 😛 lol and river is adorable! ur so cute with your latte… and I never guessed u were a texas girl in the beginning! that’s so cool/funny so is chace crawford (idk if you like those kind of tv shows haha)… you deserve the best girly, I am cheering for you!
    laci 😉

  16. Love reading your blog girl!

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