yeah, whatever.

faked a tan

gained some weight

shopped hard

partied harder

started school

boys are the best

danced till my feet hurt.

As my first style tip, I shall declare that eating disorders are out and dark chocolate is in.

Keep up with the styles ladies, kick those eating disorders out of the picture, I’ve been avoiding blogging for one reason.

I don’t want to think about Anorexia.
its not who I am, I don’t want it in my mind, it doesn’t make me feel special or important.

I’m finding the old Katie and it’s pretty fucking sweet.
I like to party, swear, shop, laugh, talk, flirt, walk, and EAT.

I just hate it. I believe in creating your own life, making you the person you want to be.

I’m the kind of girl who wears ripped tights and tight clothes, fake tan and the highest of heels,wants the rebellious boys, diet coke, the darkest of chocolate and the laciest of underwear.

I’ll be back when you least expect it.

Being a teenager is the best time of your life, embrace it and don’t loose it to Anorexia.


my new signature for posts,
you like? 😉



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21 responses to “yeah, whatever.

  1. yew! im so proud of you! i find that following some blogs that are about peoples ED’s to be a bit hard to deal with and can leave people in the rut of it.
    you’re absoloutely right- your thoughts determine yourself so when it comes to just to not think of it and you wont become it!
    love xoxo

  2. ahhhhh love this katie!! and love you doll ❤

  3. fullofwhimsy

    Love this post. You’re adorable.

  4. Amy

    OH my god, this post is amazing. Just put me in a good mood, after reading it. The words you typed, the photos you posted. All of it together. Made me feel really good. Thank you.

    I hope you post more!

  5. wow lovie! okay first of all i have missed my sister! ;] and second of all,
    i am so proud of you, you sound so strong, secure, confident and like a teenager, you deserve to have all this amazing fun, and i am so so so glad to read that ED is not tagging along! ;P you are amazing end of story…
    wait i lied not end of story, i love your header, and i love all the pics. :]

    love you babe

    ohh hehe and the lips, i love.!

  6. katie anne

    best post everrrrrrrrrrr i luv u 🙂

  7. I DO like your signature… But even more I like the idea of you partying it up and enjoying being a teenager! And no, anorexia is NOT allowed to crash the fun. 😉 You are finding out who Katie Laura truly is sans ED, and to be honest I think she’s pretty frickin’ awesome.


  8. your amazing. end of story.


    p.s ive missed u. but OMG so glad to hear how amazing life is going. 🙂

  9. Oh Katie, I am in love with you.

    I’m so in with the styles… I think I’ll drop this eating disorder for something much more fashionable.
    A smile, a laugh, a confident air.

    Keep discovering yourself, Katie. Because who you are is beautiful.

  10. i can i only say that i love this 🙂

    live your life!

    ♥ lindsey

  11. Good for you for finding yourself beyond ED! That’s what recovery really means. Go live your life–you have a fabulous one to live!

  12. Vanilla

    OMG, that’s totally a post I would do!!

    Except my mom won’t let me go outside if it’s too dark…:(

    But I talk less and less about ED, because it’s really not something that deserve to be ‘discussed’ about…Ugh.


  13. prettytimepiece

    yayyyy a katie laura post! your life is art. i bet that if andy warhol was alive & working, he would have loved you.

    boys & dark chocolate & lace & lipstick ❤

  14. “I’m finding the old Katie and it’s pretty fucking sweet.
    I like to party, swear, shop, laugh, talk, flirt, walk, and EAT. Being a teenager is the best time of your life, embrace it and don’t loose it to Anorexia.

    OMG so intelligent and strongg, I am just blown away by how Amazing u r girly!
    I aspire to follow! 😀
    Thank you!


  15. Adorable photos! I just wanted to wish you a lovely Valentine’s day!!
    Much love,

  16. hey! i know this is a bit late but i luuuuurve this post 🙂 your amazing- have a great vday! xoxo soph

  17. thats so awesome girl! i loved my teenage years but mine were a bit more structured around cheerleading and stuff. you sound like youre having fun to stickl with it. i think part of recovery is LEAVING the blog world, or checking in with good humor as you did! you have your ENTIRE LIFE ahead of you!

  18. lintypocket

    You are one hell of a fucking inspiration.

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