Don’t you know who I am?

because you can’t believe everything that you hear, and it is possible to fry an egg on the hot pavement, boys tents were meant to be snuck into and milk was made to be drunk out of the carton, heels are not supposed to be worn in practical places and there is nothing wrong with walking around your bedroom in your underwear and heels, because the internet is addictive and the world is unknown, I broke my vision but I’m fixing it again, fashion is exciting and the best type of therapy is found in clothing stores, the weight disorder unit is boring and anorexia drives me crazy, I smile at nothing and laugh at everything, spelling mistakes and ripped tights add character, bed hair and messy nail polish are my signature looks, taking a cold shower never hurt anybody, singing in front of the mirror is time spent well, scary movies are for the really brave, I’ll marry someone rich, shopping is a sport and I was born with a diamond heart and there’s nothing wrong with being lazy.

You’ve just come across a blog about a girl who has given too much of her time to Anorexia, but now she’s putting her time into fashion, writing and everything she loves,
she hates missing a meal and drinks too much diet coke.

 I believe in soul mates, coincidences, dreams, magic and love.
I don’t follow politics and I can’t understand algebra.
My time is better spent looking at pictures of Johnny Depp and being indecisive.

I aspire to have aspirations
I dream to have dreams


I stick my tongue out
I swear too much
But my heart is in the right place,
and I can hold my tongue.


I could be neater and I should be smarter

I’m honest and bold, I speak my mind and I can’t help but wonder,

what came first? the chicken or the egg?

xxx Katie xxx