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yeah, whatever.

faked a tan

gained some weight

shopped hard

partied harder

started school

boys are the best

danced till my feet hurt.

As my first style tip, I shall declare that eating disorders are out and dark chocolate is in.

Keep up with the styles ladies, kick those eating disorders out of the picture, I’ve been avoiding blogging for one reason.

I don’t want to think about Anorexia.
its not who I am, I don’t want it in my mind, it doesn’t make me feel special or important.

I’m finding the old Katie and it’s pretty fucking sweet.
I like to party, swear, shop, laugh, talk, flirt, walk, and EAT.

I just hate it. I believe in creating your own life, making you the person you want to be.

I’m the kind of girl who wears ripped tights and tight clothes, fake tan and the highest of heels,wants the rebellious boys, diet coke, the darkest of chocolate and the laciest of underwear.

I’ll be back when you least expect it.

Being a teenager is the best time of your life, embrace it and don’t loose it to Anorexia.


my new signature for posts,
you like? 😉



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Write about me

Missing in action makes me mysterious.

I loved all your comments
I’m a sucky commenter at the moment because I am SO busy. I’m still reading, promise. I’ll do some commenting on Sunday morning when I’m free, I’m doing this post just so you know I haven’t just disappeared, because I haven’t.
I felt SO guilty that I wasn’t commenting. 

This year I’m going to be unstoppable. I’m going to speak my mind. I’m going to enjoy myself and be confident in my ability. I’ll be the person I always wanted to be and I won’t be confined to what the disorder or anyone else says.
I am me and that makes me happy.
I won’t be skeptical I’ll just be thankful.
I’ll realize soon that I’m not a bad person.


Besides, this is going to be a better year.
I have my formal/prom and I have the dress, the shoes and the date.
So I ask you,
what are you promising yourself this year?

I love you


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‘Titles are SO five minutes ago’

I’m home from the beach 🙂

SO many stories,

0 I got stung by a jellyfish! That hurt like a bitch, stung for ages…

0 I was standing in the water and I saw this thing that looked a bit like a snake and then I realized it was a sharks tale and I screamed and it swam away. 

Going back to our beach house was very hard for me, because the last time I was there I was very sick and lived curled up in an arm chair, too cold to climb out from under my blanket, and eating an apple was hard, I’d use a peeler to peel each bit off then bite it. It was all about control, and did nothing but feed my disorder.

Because I’ve lost a few pounds (american) recently not on purpose, I started to have all the old eating disorder feelings and ‘quotes’ coming back…
things like,
 you have NO idea what it’s like >:| (<- also known as pursed lips and eyes like daggers)

😉 * ice tea – not white wine * 😉

buy me that shirt

He’s my fish… well at least I think it’s a ‘he’

 Some of my favorite reading material.
Even though its an Australian magazine, you can still download heaps of cool stuff and play around on the site, please go on it for me. It’s got fashion, art, music, columnists (LOTS and they are f-ing HILARIOUS)

I have to go.
My teeth hurt from having my braces tightened 😦
braces suck.
suck suck suck.
I hate braces.
They suck.

… don’t go yet… I… I have a question!
While I was at my beach house I caught all the series one episodes of degrassi, if you don’t know what it is – it’s a high school drama with the ACTUAL kinds of things that face high school students – my favorite was always Emma.
Represent 😉

what have you seen/read/watched since you got older and suddenly actually UNDERSTOOD what they were talking about?

I had so many questions about Degrassi, I just liked to watch because there was a warning that it wasn’t suitable to younger audiences and… I can’t say I understood what exactly went on, but I still loved it! How was I supposed to understand half  of the stuff they talked about?
Now I do.
And I still enjoy it. I just can’t imagine why I used to watch it when I was younger.
I was weird as a child, don’t get me started on that. 

xxx love love love xxx 


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I’m off to tango with a tuna fish

Argh! I feel like I haven’t been to the beach in SO long, it’s killing me,

So I’m going to be gone for a week, I have minimal internet access, but I’ll probably be checking my personal email and facebook, but not commenting on blogs. I promise I’ll be reading.
So don’t feel like I’ve abandoned you 🙂
I would never.
So I leave you with some inspiration until I come back with some amazing photos from my week on the beach.

If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much of anything
Win Borden.

Look at life through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror
Bryd Baggett

and my absolute favorite of all time,

When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure
Peter Marshall 

I’ll see you all in a week, with pictures 🙂

love love love love love love



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What’s your most embarrassing story?
This was THE hardest question to answer, because I’m a pretty shameful person 😉 but it would have to be at Heathrow (sp?) airport. I didn’t want to go to the bathroom, so I slipped into a stall, armed with germ killer and lots of tissues, I saw that the water was a little high, so I though I might flush it, just to check it was okay, and I did, but… the water rose, almost coming over the side (don’t fear, I didn’t get ANY on me) and I ran out, silently, before I could say anything a woman pushed through and went into the cubicle, only to emerge later with a very sour look on her face.
I was like  ‘but I didn’t even go!’ I felt SO humiliated, this woman must have thought I was just a disgusting person, so I was forced to pee on the plane 😦 

If you could invite anyone to a dinner party, who would you invite, and why?
Who else? My blog girls, a dinner party for all my blogging girls, and not just the other bloggers, all my readers, how does that sound to you girls?

If you could go anywhere in 2010 where would it be?

Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
 River Phoenix.
Let’s stare for a little while 🙂 

If you could be any character from a book/movie/tv show, who would you be?
Cute book, a bit of romance and a bit of the beach, a bit sad too… 

Would you rather be a mermaid, princess or fairy?
Mermaid, I’m a disney girl from way back…

Do you have a favorite color?
Black, can’t go wrong with black 😉

what’s your usual starbucks order?
A Tall Starbucks Doubleshot on ice with soy milk.
 Enjoying a caramel latte 🙂

Have you ever been to america?
Well, I do live in Australia, but I’m an American citizen! Now there’s something you guys didn’t know! I’m American and my actual name is Katlyn (pronounced as you read, KAT-LYN) but I prefer Katie and I had to get a citizenship to live in Australia because I was born in Galveston, Texas. My Mum, Dad, older brother and I traveled around America for a long time, something to do with Dad’s job. Yes, I could come visit you girls any time I liked, for as long as I liked! Hmm, sounds like a plan.

Looking back, is there any good things that you’ve discovered about yourself since having anorexia??
Oh lots, I have determination that now I can put into other things in life, and through Anorexia I’ve met some great girls in IP and on the Blogs. It makes me so sad that all the sweet girls I know have to have this stupid disease, and we don’t want it and we didn’t ask for it!

Now I’ve received this award from a couple girls, so here tis’

  1.  Early mornings, very early, before the sun comes up, it makes me feel refreshed and healthy. I hate sleeping in, it makes me feel all crusty. I need the fresh morning air to fill my lungs, I need fresh air – it’s my addiction, it vitalizes me 🙂 If I’m cooped up, I’m in a bad news.
  2. The Beach, the freedom, I love the smell of the sand and the water around my ankles, just lying in the water and talking to my sister/brother or just digging in the sand. I’ve never been more relaxed. Maybe they should start an IP on the beach?
  3. Cold showers, I put on the heat lights in my bathroom so that I’m boiling then jump in a freezing shower, it’s almost refreshing as the morning air, crisp.
  4. Just sitting around retelling old stories with family and friends, I love just talking into the night, when you’re so tired you want to go to sleep, but you want to keep talking too!
  5. Camping (with a bathroom) last year I camped at this caving site and me and my friends snuck into the boys tents, then when we heard the teachers coming down, we ran back to our tent, only for one of the boys to follow, and the male teacher came to our tent and started talking about our plans for tomorrow and we had our friend under our sleeping bags, pinching him every time he talked 😉 don’t worry, there was no funny business…
  6. Shopping, can’t go wrong with a little retail therapy 🙂
  7. Trashy Magazines, I pretend it’s because I think they’re ridiculous but I’m actually an extremely curious person, curiosity killed the cat Kat-LYN.
  8. Blogging, no question bout it, you girls are my stars.
  9. Day Dreaming, adore day dreaming, it’s like escaping.
  10. Laughing until you have no breath, it’s my only form of exercise 😉

This week, pledge to me that you’re going to do something daring, lets get some endorphins into our little bodies 🙂


xxx Katie xxx


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titles are overrated


Alice: I simply must get through!

Doorknob: Sorry, you’re much too big. Simply impassible

Alice: You mean impossible?

Doorknob: No, impassible. Nothing’s impossible. 

There is so much we can take from Alice in Wonderland, it is truly perfect in so many ways.

There is so much magic in the world, and we of all people can find it. We can spend hours thinking about calories and weight, lets channel that into something beautiful and make 2010 a beautiful year.
I was watching ‘our year’ on the channel 10 news and it was saddening, nothing amazing happened, nothing happy, it was all sad. The months where I was in IP where just so raw to me and then I realized, while watching this, I’d lost a year. I didn’t remember half of that stuff, and then I thought back.
I didn’t remember anything.
I’m discovering so much new. My brothers and sister, whom I didn’t see for about six months because I was bedridden.
By the way, they’re very cool. 

I think I might suffer from this,
and I know Anorexia suffers from this. The fear of being forgotten is huge, especially for someone like me – who remembers everything. 

it’s very true, and that couple shouldn’t be you and anorexia. Because there are far nicer people to share your life with, I promise.

I hope know this year will be spent with many moments just like this. Some coffee and my laptop, I have the same laptop too. I love blogging, it is one of my proudest moments in life, I can’t believe how much it has changed my life. If I hadn’t discovered this blog, then found your blogs, then I would never have been here and probably wouldn’t have still been living.

Dearest Anorexia,
Give me a fucking break,
~ Katie 

…and it will come…

I’m thinking of doing a Q&A post,

so comment me with as MANY questions as you like, they can be anything from ‘what’s in your handbag’ to ‘what was the last tv show you watched’ to ‘so… anorexia… hows that treating you?’ 😛

Love Love Love Love Love


EDIT: my blog will be going under some major renovations in which I will be changing a lot of it and doing a stronger side of style and fashion, I’ll keep the same name however I will be changing it a lot, I haven’t left Anorexia or anything yet, but I feel like I need to break away from the focus and start bringing myself to my blog.



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sweet sixteen

It’s my birthday!

This upcoming couple posts have me really excited!

Firstly, I have a new banner design on the way plus showing you guys some amazing talent….

And I’m going to do a self esteem post, where I’ll show how easy it is to photoshop photos, and I’m thinking a Q & A post…..

Sorry if I don’t comment on any posts today, I’m going to be busy, but I’m thinking of you all and I’m behind you always!

So, tell me,


…. oh and of course, 
guess who found her iPod?

 Thats right I did! Time to get my christmas freak on!

I must go and have my AM snack….

Love you all and happy holidays!!

xxx Katie xxx


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